Social Grocery Store

koinoniko pantopoleioThe Social Grocery Store of the Association aims to provide social protection and concern for vulnerable groups within the population in Greece and Cyprus.

The Social Grocery Store promotes, mobilizes and sensitises individuals, local businesses, associations and volunteers to contribute to the effort of support and solidarity toward vulnerable categories of the social fabric of our city. It covers the primary living needs of people who lack adequate financial resources – those who are economically unable to sustain themselves.

Within the framework of a coordinated strategic path to combat poverty and social exclusion, “Breath of Life for Children” is an association that promotes the function of the Social Grocery Store, which has its registered offices at 79 Voulgari Street in Thessaloniki.

Required Documents

1. Photocopy of an Identity Card, or Passport for foreigners, and a valid residence permit.

2. Copy of a tax assessment and E9, or, in the event of failure to file a tax return, a declaration that is honor certified (notarised) by the tax office./p>

3. Family Status Certificate or any document from which it is derived (issued by the Municipality).

4. Photocopy of a PPC (Public Power Corporation) or OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation) or EYDAP S.A (Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company) account or Lease Agreement for the verification of the residence address.

5. Photocopy of an Unemployment Card of OAED (National Employment Agency) (if any).

6. In the event of a disability, a copy of the Commission’s statement stating the percentage of disability.

7. In the event of a divorce, evidence of the dissolution of the marriage. In the event of widowhood, a copy of a death certificate.


Prerequisites for joining the program for the financially disadvantaged:

  • Singles – unmarried singles or people living alone with a maximum annual income of 5000 €.
  • ΖCouples or families – the maximum amount is cumulatively increased by 1000 € for the dependents, spouses, and/or children.
  • For persons with a disability of 67% or more, the beneficiary’s income must not exceed 8000 € per annum.

As income, we consider real and not presumptive or taxable income since presumptive income includes a home and a car.


The status of the beneficiaries will be re-examined twice a year during the months September and March and the necessary corrections, changes and additions will be made..